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CD 12 e each except where indicated
T.N.F. - Lead the Way

TARa - Indiziert
TATERVOLK - Der Erste Streich
Tattooed Mother Fuckers / TOLLSCHOCK - Split
Tattooed Mother FuckersIt's a thugs Life
Tattooed Mother Fuckers - Sex, Thugs And Rock'n'Roll
TEARDOWN - Against the Dying Light 13
Temnozor - Folkstorm Of The Azure Nights
The 4 Aces – Semo Mejo N'OI! MCD 10 e

THOR - Bloodsheed Walhalla

THE SHIT UNKULUNKULU - Mandela Shit Yama Cd -r 5 e
The Arrogants – Hangover Philosophy
Italian Punk Oi! First full lenght CD. 15 tracks. Fast and catchy Oi! with raging english vocals and lyrics about Sex & Violence. 20 pages full colour booklet with lyrics, pictures and special pin-up feature.
The Bully Boys – Be carr 13 e
The band's 4th album. Scott and Ed deliver 10 new songs and 3 redone classics in that typical rocking Bully Boys style which we all love! Big 16-page booklet on PC Records
The Kriminals - Tutti a Rubare
Gruppo Street Rock Bolognese. Primo album intero dopo il MiniLP di debutto del 2009. 12 brani di Oi! stradaiolo condito da assoli Rock'n Roll, ritmi Punk e un spruzzatina di Pop. Molto curati gli arrangiamenti di chitarra che segnano un notevole progresso rispetto al precedente lavoro. Come bonus il CD contiene una traccia video di Sex & Violence leggibile dal PC. Booklet a colori con foto e testi.
The Return of Hyde - We Stand Against
Raw, slow-paced metal, with aggressive feel to it and a touch of hardcore
The Royal Arch Blaspheme
From the throne of USBM royalty emerges THE ROYAL ARCH BLASPHEME, a nexus between elevated-mind primitivism and black-hole oblivion... A full-length offering channeling praises of Luciferian Occultism and outright blasphemy via the vile throat of KRIEG's N. Imperial and PROFANATICA songwriter J. Gelso. Undoubtedly bearing the distinctive stamp of both depraved minds, RAB spews sine waves of volcanic sonic sacrilege, resulting in a seismic gush of gutted doom chunder, squalling feedback and alchemic terror. Cover artwork by Paul Ledney.
The True Endless – An Year in Black
In this CD the band presents 9 tracks captured on Equinoxes and Solstices rituals preformed during the years of 2005/2006
The True Endless – Suicide Journey
Best of/Compilation - Nekrogoat Heresy Prods LTD 500 hand numbered copies
Thor's Hammer - Three weeds from the Same Root 13 e
Thunderbolt – The Sons Of The..
Black Metal
Terra Australis / Infektion – Spawn of the Wicked CD-R 5 e
Terra Australis - Slave to the Moon Shadow CD-R 5 e
Terra Australis - For a Dying Angel CD-R 5 e
TERROR 88 - Ready to Fight MCD 6
The Horrible Night - Moth

THOR - Bloodseed Walhalla

Thrima - Vertonte Zeilen
Time For Hard Knucles - TFHK
Timebombs - Viva la Muerte 15 e
ATTUALMENTE DISCO DELL'ANNO!!! Diversamente asessuato chi non lo compra
Timebomb – An The Way
Tir Groupe – Assaut Final
Titania – Slutstriden
RAC from Sweden
Titania / Antisystem - We Are Here to Create Our Own Fate
Titkolt Ellenálás – A “Hatalom” Embrei
Titkolt Ellenálás – Így létezem
Tobsucht - Des Landes letzte Stunde
Tollschock - Shutdown the System
Tormentia - Pro Patria
TORS VREDE - Ave Victoria 15 e
I nuovi Ultima Thule One of the best Swedish albums every made!
TSYRULNIA - Fire and Ice
TSYRULNIA - Song 88 13 e
Bel gruppo di matti grafiche agghiaccianti anti-tutto
TV - Das Schlimmste ist...
UBERTONES (the) - Mad Vendetta MCD 10 e
Überzeugungstäter Vogtland - Wie Feuer und Flamme
Überzeugungstäter – Nachkriegsschweigen – CD
Ultima Frontiera - Anime Armate LP + CD 17 e
A mio parere uno dei migliori gruppi italiani!
ULTIMA FRONTIERA - Non Ci Sono Piů Eroi 15 e
Ristampa ufficiale su Black Shirts Records, 16 page full color booklet
Torna disponibile il loro primo lavoro uscito nel 2003. Rimasterizzato, nuova grafica
Ultima Thule – Til Doden Skiljer Oss At 13 e
Ultima Thule – Sverige 13 e
ULTIMA THULE - The Early Years 1984/87 15 e
Ultima Thule - Nu Gronskar Det 13 e
Ultima Thule – Lejonet Fran Norden 13 e
Ultima Thule / Hel – Genom Eld Och Aska 13 e
Ultra Sur - Nacido para ser skin
New album of the long-going Argentinean band, very solid Oi! / RAC
UNHOLYATH - Antidogma
Uwocaust & alte Freunde – Feindbild
Panzer RAC con influssi metal
Vaginal Jesus / Ethnic Cleansing - Split 30 e
Cultic recordings of two cult bands! Enough said!

Valfeanor – Noreia
Atmospheric Black Metal, annessa lametta per tagliarsi le vene!
Varg – Nu Gudar Oss Kallar
Veil – Sombre
La Cover dei Joy Division merita da solo l'acquisto del cd!!!
Veldraveth - Undefinited God
Black Metal dal Venezuela!
VelIMOR - Master of Illusions Metalbox 18 e

Vendetta - Kelet-európai valóság
10th years anniversary album of Vendetta contains the strongest tunes of the band. Outstanding music, sound and lyrics, influenced by H8Machine, Archívum and Action, but the final result is 100% Vendetta. Great booklet, featuring all lyrics in Hungarian. One of the most powerful Hungarian record of 2010!
Vendetta – A Skrewdriver örök
Third cd of Vendetta, a musical milestone, 14 Skrewdriver covers in Hungarian, excellent booklet, a must for every Skrewdriver and Vendetta fans! 01. Hagyjál békén (I don`t like you) (1:45) 02. Visszatértünk (Back with a Bang) (3:35) 03. Bakancs és nadrágtartó (Boots and Braces) (3:09) 04. Éljen az új hajnal (Hail the new dawn) (2:51) 05. Büszkeségünk a hűség (Our Pride is our Loyalty) (2:04) 06. Faj és Nemzet (Race and Nation) (1:36) 07. Mr. Kispolgár (Mr.nine to five) (1:51) 08. Utcai harc (Streetfight) (1:27) 09. Fehér lovas (White Rider) (3:08) 10. Győzünk vagy meghalunk (Win or Die) (2:32) 11. A zsarnokság bukni fog (Their Kingdom will fall) (2:09) 12. Kétszinű (Backstabber) (2:20) 13. Ó nem, itt jön egy komcsi (Here comes a commie) (2:42) 14. Európai csatadal (European Battlesong) (2:43)
VENEROR - Percussimus Cum Morte
Via Dolorosa - Discipline and Ironfist: ten years...
Leggenda dell'NSBM piů oltranzista. Questo CD ripropone i primi 10 anni del gruppo con rari live e song esclusive oltre ad un'ottima selezione di vecchi classici. Absurd e Blasphemy cover e prime 500 copie con adesivo doppio colore.
ViA DOLOROSA - Cavalcare la Tigre (Regenerated)

ViA DOLOROSA - Immortal Ad Vitam
Vinterdis - Always Remember Never Forget

Violent Storm - Celtic Warrior
Vogelsang - Aus den Trümmern empor
Black/Folk Metal. European heritage...heroism
VO)))ID / LUCIFERUM PENIS - Chants of Void Cd- r 5 e
Volkolak – Disappear
Volksgemeinschaft statt Individualismus – Akzeptanz und Menschlichkeit
Volkszorn – Der Ewidge J 13 e
Volkszorn are no newcomers to the German NS scene and this album will solidfy them in the top ranks of the movement! If you love your music rockin' and with lyrics that make ZOG tremble in their boots, this is for you.
Vollendung – Wenn Sie Stirbt
Vortex of End - ISAPWT
Sex and Nuclear Black Metal
Vreid – Pitch Black Brigade
Wĺfflor Waffen - En munk vid Upplands Väsbys pendeltĺgstation
War for War - War is the only way
Pagan Black Metal da far impallidire i Marduk!
WARGRINDER - Erase Seeds of Ignorance
Warlord - Blood & Honour 13 e
Warfare 88 - Complete dischography
New Zealand based Blood Sacrifice Productions will be releasing The Complete Discography from OC hate punk band Warfare 88. This release features all the featured songs from The White Album, the split with Forward Area, plus rare and demo tracks. 42 tracks in total and all new artwork
Warnungstraum - Inter Peritura
Depressive Black Metal
WEHRHAMMER - Sturmtruppen

Weisse Wölfe - Soundtrack Zur Revolution 15 e
WEISSE Wölfe - TerrorMachine 15 e
WEISSE WOLFE & KOMANDO OST - Kampfansage 13 e
Weor - Augenblicke und Erinnerungen
Ballads indiziert in Deutschalnd
West Side Boys – Reste Fier
Wewelsburg – Ultima Intolerance
Industrial Death/Thrash Metal
White Destiny - Wurzner Jungs
White Devils – W Nas Stali Hart
White Master / Frakass – European Storm
White Noise – Reckless Aggression
Band australiana clockwork violence,army song!!
White Pride Rockers - S/t
Band greca su Black Sun Rec
White Rebel Boys – The Boys Are Back in Town
White Wash - Pain is temporary Pride is forever 1997/2007
Su BHS Records per festeggiare i 10 anni di attivitŕ
White Voice - ... Laut gedacht
Laut Gedacht ... is the third full-length album from Germany's White Voice and contains well thought out lyrics and R.A.C. musicianship
Wilk - Hammer of Hate
NSMB from Poland
(The) Widowmakers - Reap What You've Sown
Woden – In Search of Last Gods
14 odinist anthems from the ex-members of Eye of Odin, pagan-viking metal
Wodulf – ... From The Corpsegates
NSBM with Der Sturmer members
Wodulf - Wargus Esto
NSBM with Der Sturmer members
WOLFKRIEG - Jedem Das Seine 13 e
Wolfenhords – White Power for White People Fight 13 e
Wolfenhords – The Truth Shall Set
Wolfsblut - Seelenqual, Legion Wolfsblut
Era tempo che dovevo sentire il freddo nelle vene. Bello e altamente consigliato!!! Contiene anche la bellissima cover dei Mayhem, Deathcrush.
Wolfsblut – Blutsbruder
Wolfsgarde - Nazi Rac`N`Roll
Wolfskraft – Wortgefecht
NS Propaganda Prod
WOLFSSTURM / STOLZKRIEG - Our Enemies must burn Cd
Words of Anger - Barrikaden Brennen
Exellent German RAC
Words of Anger Marco Solo
German RAC
WULFHEIM - Alsvart Cd-r 5 e
X.X.X. - B-Ware
Xasthur - S/t MCD 9 e
Xenophobe - Lords of Chaos
New Zealand skinhead metal band, but not the ultra-heavy, brutal, thrashy kind. Very enjoyable!
XENOPHOBE - Scum of the Earth
Yggdrasil - Heaven of Blood
Youngland / Knockout – Think it's time
RAC Oi! su Rampage Productions
Youngblood – Patriotic Force
YOU MUST MURDER - Evil Russia + Hardcore the Satanism 15 e
SataniCore Spaccacuoli from Russia!
You Must Murder "Evil Russia" (2011) CD & You Must Murder "Hardcore The Satanism" (2009) EP available on one disc in a limited quantity now. "Hardcore The Satanism" is the first YMM record from 2009, 3 songs in English in a Hatecore/Deathcore style. The new limited edition contains all 8 songs from "Evil Russia" CD and 3 songs from their first EP as a bonus tracks and it contains a special additional cover artwork on 2 pages for 3 bonus songs from EP. It's totally 11 songs, incl. 4 songs in English, 40 min. in length.
Youth of Tomorrow - Kinder der Revolution MCD 10 e
NS Metal Core
Zetazeroalfa – Fronte dell'essere 15 e
Zetazeroalfa – Kriptonite 15 e
Zetazeroalfa – Live in Alcatraz 10 e
Il Primo live di questa band romana
Zetazeroalfa – Disperato Amore DigiCD 15 e
Non mi dite che vi serve la recensione per questo disco perchč vi mando affanculo!!! CAPOLAVORO
ZURZIR - Triunfo de Vontade
Zwartplaag – Haatstorm
A pure aggressive and hateful black metal offensive with their typical own style of riffs. After a couple of demos, this debut album confirms Zwartplaag has quickly become one of not many black metal hordes in the Dutch underground that matter.


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