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CD 12 e each except where indicated
Race Riot - Terror Against Tyranny
Restock hatecore spaccaculi dalla Germania
Race Riot - Downfall of your infected world MCD 10 e
German Hatecore della Madonna!!
RACE WAR - The White Race Will Prevail 15 e
Contains extremely powerful vocals with National Socialist lyrics in both English and German. The artwork package includes a 14 page full-color booklet in a Nazi World War 2 theme with all lyrics included. Micetrap Prod.
Racist Redneck Rebels - Keep The Hate Alive! 15 e
RAUNCHOUS BROTHERS (THE) - Hail Metal... Destroy Faggotry 14,88 e

Razors Edge / Breakdown - Hands Across the Sea      
A great split album from Razor's Edge (GB) and Breakdown (Germany)
Razorblade Nightmare - 40 Years   
Ribelle d'Indastria - Diario di Guerra MCD 10
REBEL HELL - From The Trenches A5 CD
Reichwehr – Das Ende
Revalers – First Blood
Revolt BGD - White Eagle flies Again    
RIOT - Justice?  
Good fucking OI! – Can’t find any information on them.
Ruhrfront -Das Salz in euren Wunden     
Hooligans NS strepitoso!!!!
S.K.D. - Gruesse Von Oben   
Sonderkommando Dirlewanger Great Stuff!!!
S.O.T. - Sed Och Tradition  
SACCARA - Weltvergifter
Saccara is actually the original metal band of the people behind the German RAC band Stahlgewitter. This is a new pressing on PC Records of their rare and long sold out album from 2001. And even though they were a metal band back then, their sound isn't pure metal, but more like hard German RAC with some more guitar and solos, but definitely not fully-fledged metal. Singer Gigi's strong raw vocals are already very prominent. You could easily consider this an early version of Stahlgewitter the style is very comparable, though not as mature et. Good album
Sachsonia & Conflict 88 - Sächsisch Böhmische Hausmannskost   
SAGA - My Weapons of Choice 13 e
SANG D'ENCRE - Premier Jet   
SantAAgostino - Operazione Paura DigiCd 13 e
SantAAgostino - La Morte Marcia sui Terreni K
SARKRISTA - The Acheronian Worship
Saw Cross Lanes - Awaken From a Sleepless Dream     
Female fronted German deathcore
Saw Cross Lanes - Ewigreich
SCHRAT - Schattenwahn
SEALED IN BLOOD - Coemeterium
Second Class Citizen - Truth Over Ignorance   
Section 5 - Section 5 - They think it"s over now    
British Oi! Streetpunk
Section 5 - Hard life
Section 88 - British Bootboys     
Solid British skinhead Oi!
Sedition - Words as filler MCD 10 e
Hardcore/Grindcore project of Ryan (ex-Blue Eyed Devils).
Tracklist: Wasting Your Time, Fate Is Fucking You, Words As Filler, Bled Instead, Just One Short, Reclamation Project, Incomplete, Stealing Your Cash, Benign, Suffer You Fuckers, Catalyst and Stonewall.
Seges Findere - Dessemitize  
SEGES FINDERE - Massacre Supremacista

SEGES FINDERE - Proclamation of Blood Vengeance
Severe Storm / Slavecrushing Tyrant - Well Will...  
Siegnum - Vergangene Freundschaft
Debut Album
Shed No Tears - Organized Noise
Hardcore bello bello bello
Shinning Abyss - Sacrifice Reh 96 MCD 9 e     
Pure depressive Underground Black Metal from Poland
SHAM 69 - The Punk Singles Collection 1977/80
I Singoli
Short Cropped - S.C.F F.S.C. 13 e
Second album of the Belgium skinhead band, much better than the first, classic, simple old school skinhead Oi! music, serious and funny lyrics, the last song is A.C.A.B. by 4-Skins with different lyrics, for the fans of tits. Fans of Kill baby kill!- Condemned 84 - Combat 84 can welcome a new favourite! One of the best upcoming non-PC Oi! band!
Sibimortem - Glory to Eternal Fire
Black Metal dal Messico!
Silent Dominion & Faethon - The Ancient Flame Burns
Hellenic Pagan Black Metal
Silva Nigra - Cerny Kult
SKALINGER - Gerechtigkeit Bleibt Utopie 2CD 18 e
SkinFull - Drinking Class Heroes  
Skinkorps - Mr. Clean  
25 track discography of the France Oi! legends.   Includes the insanely expensive and hard to find 80's Oi smashers - Mr. Clean LP, Une Force Un Hymne 7", Vacances En Siberie 7",  Super Picton 7" and more...
SKOLL - Eclisse MCD 5
SKOLL - Zero 15
SKOLL - Armilustri Absinthium
SKOLL - Il Sogno di Mishima
SKOLL - Il Segreto di Lacedemone
SKOLL - Marmofuoco 15 e NEW
SKOLL - Eroica 15 e
Skrewdriver - Ist "White Rider" Studio Session '87  
Skrewdriver - All Skrewed Up 14,88 e    
Skrewdriver - Blood & Honour 14,88 e    
Is one of the most popular Skrewdriver albums
Skrewdriver - Freedom, What Freedom? 14,88 e  
Skrewdriver - Live at the 100 Club 14,88 e
A previously unreleased Skrewdriver live recording from 1983, when the band did not try to hide their patriotic views. The recording is not top-notch, but gives back the atmosphere of the early Skrewdriver shows. Original classics, and rare cover versions too. Historical document!
Skrewdriver - White Rider 14,88

SKREWDRIVER - Underscover 14,88

SKREWDRIVER - White Rider (Midgard Recs) 14,88
SKREWDRIVER - Boots and Braces / Voice of Britan 14,88

SKREWDRIVER - Undercover 14,88

SKREWDRIVER - The Strong Survive 14
The Slapguns – Kulturschock 
Slaughter & the Dogs - Do it Dog Style  
Totally re-mastered and now with four bonus tracks and a revamped booklet that contains lyrics, liner notes and pictures of all the collectors item singles sleeves.
SLAVIA - End to Peace
Slavia contains Polish members living in the USA, debut album, 9 NSHC songs, similar to Total War, released in 2008 by Cause of Honor Records, one-sided booklet, which is a bit shame in the 21st Century. For the fans of Hardcore!
Sleipnir – Ein Tell Von Mir
SLN 14 - 300 Million Reasons To Hate You      
Straight Laced Nightmare. Old School Hardcore, ltd 1.000 hand numbered
Slumlords - S/t  
Sniper - War is Coming 13 e
New album of the Finnish band and they stay loyal to their old recipe: a very solid, heavier metal-influenced type of RAC with some ballad parts in-between. The album still breathes the Scandinavian sound of the 90's.
S.O.G. - Az álmok Valóra Válnak...
On the CD which contains 7 songs we can listen to music go up to metal and core base with rattleing singing, but R.A.C. industrial issue can be found too
Sokyra Peruna - Invictus    
Nuovo CD per questa band Ukraina che mischa Hatecore a Metal
Sokyra Peruna - The Word    
Soliti Sospetti - Demo 2011 5 e
Giovane gruppo Skinhead RAC di Milano. CDR demo di debutto contenente 5 tracce di musica RAC-Metal in Italiano chiaramente ispirata allo stile di Corona Ferrea e Malnatt. Edizione limitata con copertina in cartoncino stampata.+++++ New Skinhead RAC band from Milano. 5 tracks demo CDR. Musically influenced by Corona Ferrea and Malnatt. Limited pressing in printed cardboard sleeve. 01. Nessuno (5:02) 02. Sparta (3:57) 03. Esaltazione dell' essere (3:12) 04. Coerenza (4:47) 05. Milano violenta (4:02)
SOMBRE CHEMIN / ORNAMENTS OF SIN - Durch Ruinen Und Dustere Kriegsfelder
SOROB 28 - Freedom of Speech
SottoFasciaSemplice – Idrovolante 13 e
Southern War Front - In Times of War    
Spandau – Frihetskämpar     
Spatter Pattern - Bile & Gall     
Side-project from Death’s Head from Australia, no death metal this time, but more raw punk sounding with heavy distortion on the vocals.
Spear of Longinius - Domni Satnas 13 e  
Spearhead - Into Battle We Ride   
Spirit of 88 - Totale Kontrolle
SQUADRON - Age of Cospiracy
Their 'new' album which was stuck in customs for over a year, pure metal as could be expected, some good tracks, for the fans of the genere.
Staatsfeind – Widerstand    
Stahlgewitter - Das Hohelied der Herkunft - CD 14,88
Stahlgewitter - Stählerne Romantik – MCD 12
Stato Asociale - Grezzo, Stupido & Cattivo    
Gruppo Skinhead di Trento. 13 brani di Oi! nazionalista cantato in Italiano. Suoni anni´80-´90 che non lasciano spazio a nessuna contaminazione di modernità. Booklet a colori con tutti i testi e ricco di foto+++Italian Skinhead Band. 13 tracks CD. Classic Italian Oi! music with nationalist lyrics. Rich booklet with lyrics and pictures.
Stay the Same - Kosovo
Steelcap - Bullet to the Head
Steelcapped Ballads with Bisson & Anna Lena   
Steelcapped Strength - Freedom of Speech      
Stigger & Sisco - Live
Still Burnin’Youth - The Flames of Hatred MCD 10    
NSHC Family Pride!! NS Hardcore da far tremare i polsi, pochissime copie disponibili
Still Burnin’Youth - NS Hardcore is not muisc... MCD 10 e
Hyperfast NS Hardcore/Grind SPACCA CULI!!!
Still Burnin’Youth - Keeping Our Style  
Still Burnin’Youth - Brucia Ancora      
GENOVA HARDCORE Probabilmente il loro miglior lavoro!!!
Stimme Der Freiheit - Deutsch bis ins Mark    
Stimme der Vergeltung - Todgeweihte     
STORM - Terror State 13 e     
STORM - Hell Seger 14,88 e

Storm of Mind - Unbelehrbar Patriotisch      
Stormfront - Black Bannered Legion
Stormtroop 16 - Braces up,straight laces up   
Great RAC from the US! This is pure hate-filled, powerful skinhead music from California.
If you enjoy heavy RAC with some metal influences and lots of great, catchy riffs, you simply need to check this out.
The lyrics deal mostly with themes such as pride, anti-drug use, etc. without really being racist, so even people who don't agree with the band's political views should give this a try, as the music is excellent
Stormwatch - A 21 years hangover  
Straftat – Hail C18    
Straftat is a project of Oidoxie and Extressiv members, still in C18 cult!
Straight Laced Nightmare – Confrontational
Straightline - Act for a new Generation MCD 8 e
A Greek "supergroup" contains ex-members of Legion Hellas, Red Lock, Last Attack, Th.re.at. and Koi!mpresser, great debut, modern Oi!/RAC (like Short Cropped/KBK), English and Hellenic language.
Strake Force UK - We Don't Run 13 e
Totally old-school British RAC, rather basic and lyrically to-the-point, this CD kicks you straight back into the 80's
STRAPPO - R-Evolution 13 e  
STRAPPO - Antitodox 13 e  
Strongside - Choose Your Side 13 e
Strongside - ROCKING THE REDS MCD 8 e   
Demo per questo gruppo tedesco
Sturmkommando - Der Wahnsinn geht weiter   
STURMRAISE - The Final Battle is Tomorrow  
Sturmwehr - Ewiges Deutschland
Sturmwehr -  Nationale Solidarität      
Sturmwehr - Zerschlagt den Terror
Sturmwehr - Ehre, dem Ehre Gebuhrt
STURMWEHR - Heiliges Blut
Sturmwehr - Die ersten 11 jahre 2XCD 15 e
Sturmwehr - Vermaechtnis Unserer Art – DVD Format 14 e
Sturm und Drang - Kommt über euch
NS metal / rock 'n' roll from Brandenburg, Germany's finest: Intro - Sturm & Drang kommt über euch - Was ist falsch? - Soldat - Auf ewig - Ewiger Dank - Falsche Gedanken - Reich der Wikinger - Du in ihrer Hand - Verräter and Die alten Germanen
Sturmkrieger - Demo 9 e     
24 Minuti per questo ottimo demo di RAC Tedesco
Subconscious Evil - Subconscious Evil MCD 10
Cercavate l’Underground più underground? Thò a mala pena sono riuscito a leggere il nome sulla mail perché capire chi cazzo sono nel CD è praticamente impossibile, copertina nera, retro copertina nera, testi in giapponese strettissimo e che cazzo! Su Zero Dimensional Records KAMIKAZEELAND!!!
SUMBU BROTHERS - Straight Edge fin che el bar nol 15 verse New
SUMBU BROTHERS - La Cosa Oi! Cd-r 12 e
Supplicium - Resurrection of The Shadows      
Death Metal from Santa Cruz Bolivia!
SWAROST - Brzask MCD 8 e

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