LP 15 e / 7” 5 each except where indicated

1a VANGUARDIA - Siempre Skin Y Hacia Delante 7" 7,-
1a VANGUARDIA - R.A.C. and Oi! LP 23,- black vinyl or 25,- splatter
Inserite qui il contenuto del nuovo tag div
AA.VV. Massenvernichtung / Rotugf / Via Dolorosa - Roma / Tokio / Berlino LP

AA.VV. - Fedeli alla Linea ORTODOSSIA III 7" (second press red vinyl) 10 e
Tributo Fascista al punk filosovietico dei CCCP
Hate for Breakfast / Still Burnin' Youth e Bad Fate
First ever tribute to the Italian champions of Totalitarian Discipline by the undisputed present day Black Shirt Militia of NSHC. One hundred copies pressed covering the three debout songs from CCCP by Hate For Breakfast, Bad Fate and Still Burnin' Youth on solid black vinyl on an oversized booklet cover emulating the original release. At the crossroads of history remember not only the future but both present and past belong to us. This is a warning.
AA.VV - No Surrender! Picture LP

ACHERONTAS - Black Blood Cerimony LP

A.D.L. 122 - La Notte dei Regali 7" 8,80
Un classico di tutti i tempi ristampato dopo 18 anni dalla Black Shirts Records
500 copie numerate a mano: 100 nere, 200 verdi trasparenti, 200 rossi
A.D.L. 122 - L'Angelo della Morte
Ristampa in 500 copie (200 rosse / 200 blu / 100 nere sold out) Inserto con tutti i testi

ADOLFZ ‎– Djungeltrubaduren LP 23,-

AGGRAVATED ASSAULT - Out On Bail - LP 25,- black vinyl or 30,- clear vinyl

AGGRESSIVE FORCE - Aggressive Force LP 25,- (blue or white vinyl)

ANGRY ARYANS - R.M.V. PROMO (CN Records) (trade or evaluate offers)

ANGRY ARYANS - R.M.V. LCOH Rec. 25,- (blue SOLD OUT, red or black vinyl)

ARYAN KAMPF 88 - NSBM Anthologie d'un Kombat Belge LP
ARYAN TERRORISM - WAR LP (trade or evaluate offers)
AUSCHWITZ SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA ‎– Sonderbehandlung/ National Socialist Order (yellow/black/red) Lp 22,-

AZELSGARD - Slavonic Horned Evil 18,-

B.f.G. The Final Battle Picture LP

Split tra questi due gruppi affiliati alla famiglia NSHC, nuova grafica in 320 copie numerata a mano su SFH Records
BARSARKARNA - White covers LP 22 e

BATTAILLON 500 - Standhaft und Treu  LP 23,-

Inserite qui il contenuto del nuovo tag div
Inserite qui il contenuto del nuovo tag div
BILSKIRNIR - Hammerschlag 3 LP 38 e

BLOOD RED EAGLE - Return to Asgard LP
Inserite qui il contenuto del nuovo tag div
BLUE EYED DEVILS - It ends... 12" One Side LP 18,-

BLUE EYED DEVILS / AGGRAVATED ASSAULT - Hate Crimes LP 25,- LTD 500 Available in 4 colors white, light blue, black or red. Few TP are still available

BLUE EYED DEVILS - Holocaust 2000 LP 25,- (Available in 4 colors white, blue SOLD OUT, black or red. Available few copies in Silver viyl handnumbered, 50,-)

BLUE EYED DEVILS- Murder Squad (black vinyl) LP (trade or evaluate offers)

BOUND FOR GLORY  - Ironborn - DLP 23,- colored 25,-

BOUND FOR GLORY - Hate Train Rolling - Picture LP 23,-

BOUND FOR GLORY - Last Act of Defiance Picture LP 23,-

BOUND FOR GLORY / MISTREAT - Beer Bottles & Hockey Sticks LP + cd 25 e

BREAK THE SWORD ‎– The Unseen War LP+7" 28 e

BRONSON - S/t LP 17 e
LTD 300 copies 180 gr solid black vinyl
BRONSON - Roma Tiger Punk - LP 17 e
LTD 300 copies 180 gr solid black vinyl
BRUTAL ATTACK - Straight Eights LP
disponibile in vinile nero
BULLY BOYS (the) - Hard Times hard measures LP
CARCEREDURO – D’èstor De Tailla Picture LP
CCCP – Fedeli Alla Linea – Ortodossia 7” 20 e
This is a deluxe very obscure reissue made in 2009 as supposedly states on the Obi-strip that comes with the sleeve that states: "1984-2009" 1984 being the release date of the original release so 2009 being the year of release. It is hand numbered, i got them some time ago they rested a while and i never saw this selling anywhere so if you dont want to pay 150-200 € for a ex copy original better to pay 25 € for a replica with the booklet inside like the original even the vinyl is red like the original. The extra here is the obi-strip. It has some chinese or japanese characters so maybe this was done in the far east. Doesnt seem an official release because there are no contacts but the sound quality is perfect and the package is deluxe! Get it now, a classic KBD Italian Punk Rock 7" and also a very sought after 7" in the post-Punk collector circles! "Punk Islam" is the winner here.

CHINGFORD ATTACK ‎– Reds Better Run When We're on the Attack LP 23 e
LCOH Rec. Edition White Bulldog cover. ISD Approved. LTD 318 purple violet, red and solid Black vinyl (few Test Pressing still available hand numbered 40 e)
CIVICO 88 ‎– The Early Years LP 15 e


COMMANDO PERNOD ‎– Demo 88 LP LAST COPY in white vinyl 28,-

CONDAMNED 84 - The Real Oi! 7"
CONFIDENT OF VICTORY - A Neverending Fight DLP 22 e
CRIPPLE BASTARDS - Metastasi in Nero LP
CRIPPLE BASTARDS - variante alla Morte LP
CRIPPLE BASTARDS - Live to Hate People II/I LP
CRIPPLE BASTARDS - Misantopo a Senso Unico LP + 7" 20 e
BLACK VINYL EDITION limited to 340 copies. Ultra-thick gatefold with 70ies giallo/horror style lyrics-book glued on the inner panel + A2 poster and bonus "Separati dal contagio" 7"EP with one side etched. 
Deluxe redux re-issue of Italy's most classic Grindcore album ever. This has been in the works for years due to enormous difficulties in transfering the original reels that were on a very rare (and unplayable) format. Restored, remixed and remastered with feverish care at Toxic Basement Studio under constant supervision of the band, to keep the original rawness and rage completely intact and utterly reinforced. And there's even more.. on those reels we found a 4 minute unreleased song, "Separati dal contagio", which has been entrusted to Sweden's prog/horror Rock masters ANIMA MORTE for a majestic Goblin meets Frizzi ending result, added on this LP as exclusive bonus 7". Originally released in 2000, "Misantropo a senso unico" is an incredible outburst of hyperfast hate-fueled Grindcore rooted in the most furious and violent 80s Italian Hardcore. 16 songs of manic speed scream-out-lungs hatred at its most nihilistic form, the band's absolute manifesto. The definitive untoppable re-edition of this album, it can't sound and look better than this!

Edizione vinilica a cura della iper attiva SFH Rec. Limitata a 320 esemplari numerati a mano.
DARK AGES - The Tractatus de Hereticis et Sortilegis LP 16 e
DECLINO - Terra Bruciata  DLP + book + poster 23,-

DENTE DI LUPO - Non Cambieremo Mai - LP
DENTE DI LUPO / HATRED - Demo 1998 LP LTD 88 pcs cardboard cover 18,00
Uno dei demo tape più importanti di sempre dell'intera scenza Rac/OI! italiana
Uscito quasi 3 lustri fa e ristampato oggi per la prima volta in vinile.
DER STURMER / WAR 88 - Once And Again Plundering The Zion 7”
Do not offer money please ONLY FOR TRADE – Ask wantedlist please

DER STURMER ‎– A Banner Greater than Death LP (Original version, trade or best offer)

diRLEWANGER – VOL ONE 1986-1990 LP 25,-


DEFINITE HATE / END APATHY - Violent Victory / Self Destruction - Split 7"

DIRLEWANGER - Nigger Season - 7" Red 20,-

DEVILRY - Treuelied LP

Dr. MARTENS - Pamapa Livre 7"

D.S.T. - Ave et Victoria  LP 25,-

D x T x - Mickey Raus 7" LTD handnumbered 300 (black or pink vinyl) 10 e
La Busta del Pane Records
150 copie nere come la morte, 150 rosa shocking come l’amore
2 pezzi punk/hardcore pesanti come la trippa la domenica mattina,
1 pezzo eighty’s elettronico che vi farà ritornare pampini!
Con la partecipazione speciale dei DRIZZATORTI (pezzo rubato su internet di LA FORTEZZA) & di Peter Griffin
GuestSStar Malato Terminale!
12 pagine di libretto contenenti un romanzo INEDITO ed ESCLUSIVO di Acab Kadmon

DYING BREED ‎– Day of Reckoning LP 25,- RESTOCK!!!

ENDUSTE / LAST RIOT - Wir Sind keine engel LP

ENGLISH ROSE - Tribute to Ian LP (trade or best offer)

EPITHALIUM - Gottesaustreibung / Christenausweidung LP

ETERNAL BLEEDING - Blood to Forget - LP
ETHNIC CLEANSING - Hail AIDS - LP white viyl handnumbered 18 pcs SIGNED by Stooley  88,-
LCOH Records LTD 318 copies (200 white vinyl / 118 Black)
A3 Poster with all lyrics and cardboard 28cm x 28Cm with the history of Hail AIDS)
ETHNIC CLEANSING - Piles of Dead J. 7" for TRADE only
Toothless Yid Records 1995 hand numbered 500 copies white vinyl

ETHNIC CLEANSIONG / VAGINAL JESUS - Pissing on Jew Pussies 12" LP 22,- Available in handnumbered 18 pcs SIGNED by Stooley 88,-

EVIL / NECROSTIGIS - Winter Darkness Storm 7"

Excruciate 666/ Dawn of Crucifixion – Split 7”
DOC plays perverse infernal old school raw black thrash metal, with Lord Sabathan (ex-Enthroned) and Excruciate 666 plays malefic war black metal more thrashy than ever New and unreleased materials for both bands
EXTREME HATRED - Now is the Time LP 25,- (blue or red vinyl)

FEAR RAINS DOWN -  Bury Their Rules 7”
Alfieri dell’Hatecore Americano. Poche copie disponibili
Fight Tonight – Attacke LP

FLAME - March into Firelands LP Gatefold cover

FORTRESS - Seize the Day LP (trade or best offer)

FREIKORPS - Schwarz, Weiss, Rot Lp 22,-

FUNERAL MIST - Devilry - LP 44,88 e
(Norma Evangelium Diaboli)

GESTAPO ‎– HDF Orange or black vinyl 25,-

GIGI & DIE BRAUNEN STADTMUSIKANTEN ‎– Europa Multikultir-Meister 7" (silver) 9,-

Gigi & Die Braunen Stadtmusikanten - Mediokratie LP (black, clear orange)
GOAT SEMEN – Ego Svm Satana LP 18 e
GODKILLER - March Of The Mediaeval War LP

GRAIL - The Morning of Disillusion LP

Grave Desecrator / Catacumba - Tombs on Fire 7” 6,6 e
Gatefold 7” in Red Vinyl LTD 500

H8 MACHINE - Hardcore for Life LP

HKL Hauptkampflinie - Skating Into Multikulti – Picture LP
180 gr picute vinyl
H.M.F. - Who care LP 25 e
LCOH Rec. LTD 318 copies

H.M.F. - White Power LP 25,-
HATE FOR BREAKFAST - Squadrismo Hardcore 18,88 SOLD OUT
188 LTD handnumbered copies THOROUGHLY REMASTERED VERSION Pure black vinyl UV spot varnish black on black cover
HATE FOR BREAKFAST - Hatecore Connection 7" 15 e
(First press under 2yt4U rec. RIP 3 colors available straight from the box of memories)

HATE SOCIETY - Hell's your place LP (Unofficial press ltd 300) 20 e
HATE SOCIETY / RAZORS EDGE - Strength Thru Blood - LP last copies black vinyl 35,-
HOPE and GLORY - S/t 7"
Official repress - black 7 e
Horned Almighty - The Devil's Music... LP
Eccellente combo danese dediti ad un fantastico black'n'roll!!! Gatefold Cover
INJUSTICE SIDE - 1996/2005 DiscriminAntology LP 15
(Black Shirts Records LTD Handnumbered copies 200 White / 88 Black / 112 comes different cardboard cover artwork)  

INTIMIDATION ONE - Call to Warriors LP 25,-

INTOLLERANZA - Tutti all'Inferno LP 20 e
Winter solstice 2015 marks the release of the 20th anniversary edition of one of the boldest records ever in the scene: Intolleranza's "Tutti All'Inferno". Released for the first time ever on vinyl, no effort was spared to celebrate this musical document. Six hundred copies divided in three colours, 180g black vinyl for Rupe Tarpea, white vinyl for Blackshirts Records and red vinyl for Extremocidente, all hand numbered to 200 units, housed in a foil blocked sleeve so when you look at the devil your own reflection stares back at you and you can pretend you're worthy. Each label customised their covers through metallic stickers and all records come with an insert with the history of this release.Single copies of this release are available from each label at 20.00 Euros, or 50.00 for all three colours. Prices do not include postage.
Available few Test Press hand numbered of course, in Mega Deluxe packaging 80 euro

Jungsturm Kameraden LP

KARG - Apathie LP
Ambient Black Metal from Austria

KATEGORIE C –Einer für alle - schwarz DLP 22 e

KILL BABY KILL / BANDEIRA DE COMBAT - Rocking in Sao Paolo Picture LP 22,-

KILL BABY KILL / THE GITS - From the East to the West Picture LP 22,-

KLANSMAN (the) / JOHNNY REBEL - Johnny Joined The Klan – Picture 10” SOLD OUT
Picture Disc, Colour Artwork 360 numbered copies

KOMMANDO FREISLER - Geheime Reichssache  LP 25,- (black, orange or lime)

Kommando Skin - Trotz Allem Heiter LP
KRAFTSCHLAG SOLO - Weisse Musik  LP 18,-

KRAFTSCHLAG - Musik Attacke LP 25,-

KRAFTSCHLAG - Nordwind  LP 25,-

LUNIKOFF - Uber die Zeiten Fort (Zur Erinnerung an die samplerbeitrage 1998/2013) DLP (trade only or best offer)

L. Tanzorchester immervoll ... Jetzt erft Recht! / Vinyl in gelb oder Picture LP 15/18 e

LEGITTIMA OFFESA / BRUTAL ATTACK - Skinhead Rock'n'roll Split 7" 9 e
Seconda stampa di 360 copie (180 in vinile Blu e 180 in vinile Giallo)


LEGION - Lata Walk Ulicznych LP 16,-

Loyalty - No Shame Just Pride 7”
MALNATT – Gli Anni del Demonio LP 14,88

MACHT UND EHRE - Herrenrasse LP 25,- (pink or red vinyl)

MAX RESIST and the HOOLIGANS - Renegate Youth LP 25,- (red or white vinyl)

Midgårds Söner ‎– Fä Dör LP
Midgårds Söner ‎– Nordens Kall LP

MISTREAT – Battle Cry DLP 35,-

Black Vinyl No Label LTD hand numbered 362 copies

MOONTOWER / HEGEMOON - Zjednoczeni w akcie nienawisci 7"
Mordichrist – Dressed In Menace 7”
SWE - Fierce & outrageous darkened Black Metal
MORDAEHOTH - Limborgian Pagan Madness LP

MORTE INCANDESCENTE - To Praise of the Black Wings
MOVIMENTO DI AVANGUARDIA ERMETICO (MDAE) / FRAENTUM - Linee di Vette / Nuova Luce dello Spirito 7" 6 e

MURDER BRIGADE – The Sound of Violence -  One Side LP 

LTD 318 under LCOH Rec.
(few copies available of Test Pressing UNnumbered 75 e)
NECRO / UNCREATION – Trapped Into (Self) Destruction 7”
Limited To 500 Copies On Black Fucking Vinyl!!!
Comes With a Full Colored Cover, 2 sides Black/Red Extra Insert & Killer obsessive Artwork! Feat. "Twisted Mass of Burnt Decay" AUTOPSY cover!
Pure Rotten old-school Death Metal obsession in the vein ov gods like AUTOPSY / IMPETIGO / REPULSION / CARBONIZED / MACABRE Ex Morbid Upheaval member's
NERORGASMO - S/t 7" 10 e (Purple)
Accurate reproduction of the original debut EP from 1985 with its 3 inserts (adding one extra artwork drawed by Luca Abort) and thick cardboard cover. NERORGASMO, the blackest and most sincere face of Torino's Dark/Punk nihilism in the '80s and early '90s, the true sound of urban decadence in the city that generated some of the most active and creative Punk/HC acts back in the "fuorious years" of Italian hardcore (think of NEGAZIONE, DECLINO, 5# BRACCIO etc). This is their first legendary EP re-transfered from a 1st generation tape (so you won't hear any old vinyl crackles). Musically, this was a unique brand of blackened HC/Punk the Italian way crossed with some sinister Dark/Rock influences and the incredibly expressive vocals of Luca Abort (RIP) mixing rage with his sick sarcastic moods. Check the review on goodbadmusic.com: "Italy’s NERORGASMO (translates as “Black Orgasm” – wonderful!) released one of the darkest and most original sounding records of the 80s. Backwards message, weird sounds and ultra evil, CCM-like riffing, creating a sickly sweet atmosphere of lascivious cross-downturning. Just the way we love it so much! What is anarchy and subversion if there’s not some good old satanism involved." If you missed the ultra-rare 1st pressing now sold on discogs and ebay for hundreds of euros, this is a great chance to get it again in a new version capturing exactly the same mood and sound intensity!

NERORGASMO - Passione Nera DLP + Book Regular black 25 e LTD 100 purple/black colors 30 e

NESSUNA RESA - Le Stagioni della Vita LP
the last masterpiece of one of the best Italian band ever
LTD 400 copies in 2 different colors (black or trasparent red)
Comes with poster and Lirycs. Black Shirts Records productions
NEUTRON HAMMER - Extermination Kommand  MLP 10” 13 e

NORDMACHT – Ihre Ehre Hieß Treue LP 20

NORDWIND – Walk To The Woods / Nordwind LP

NO REMORSE - The Best of... LP white + 7" 30,-

NO REMORSE - Oi! Monkey LP (Unofficial) 25 e
NO REMORSE - BBQ in Rostock LP 23 e (yellow or grey vinyl)
NO REMORSE - Start up the Panzers LP 23 e (Crystal green, solid yellow, black 180 gr or solid green vinyl)

old lu e das höllenfahrtskommando - Vermindert Schuldfähig - Picture LP 18 e

ORGULLO SUR / FIDES SKINS - Guerra contra el Mundo Moderno - Split LP 18,-

Path of Resistance – XXIIVV – LP/Picture LP

PENTAGAMMADION / MOONTOWER - Antichristian Wunderwaffe 7"


PITBOSS 2000 - Everyone's A Winner (red vinyl) LP 18,-

PITBULLFARM - Dog's Bollocks - LP
PLASTIC SURGERY - Rivolta 12" 25 e
45 RPM, EP, Reissue Unofficial Release, Clear vinyl
PLASTIC SURGERY - Rivolta 7" 20,00
Bootleg identico all'originale

‎– Battle Shout LP 25,-
LCOH Rec. LTD 318 (200 black / 118 red)
Inserite qui il contenuto del nuovo tag header
PROFANAL / INTO DARKNESS - Close the coffin / 3C 273 7"
Pushing Onwards – The Tradition of War 7”

RAC Legends Volume 4 LIONHEART - Brown vinyl 25,-

RAHOWA - Überfolk  LP 25,-

REICHSSTURM - Heim ins Reich  LP 25,-

RED WHITE and BLACK - The George Washington Legion LP 23,-

Razor Edge – Live in Frankonia 7”
Satanic Prophets - Nihilistica Milicia Demoniaca 7”
Su Etichetta tedesca Necromancer Records - sinonimo di qualità

SEDITION ‎– Ignite the Ashes LP 18,-


SELBSTMORD - Voice of Hatred 7"

SKULLHEAD - Town Moor Festival 7" (LTD handnumbered 217 white vinyl) 25 e

Sleipnir – Unverbesserlich LP + 7”
SOLUZIONE VIOLENTA - Il Suono della Strada - LP (red vinyl)
Italian Oi! RAC from the 90's. A collection of rare tracks recorded in 1996.
Limited pressing in blue vinyl.Printed insert with pictures and notes.
Sombre Chemin / Eole Noir - Hétérodoxie: Opus II 10” 10 e
Great melancholic raw heathen black metal, 3 new tracks from SC: 1 with Warlord from Evil, 1 with Elemental from Vordr and 1 instrumental / 2 old re-recorded tracks (with vocals this time) taken from the first EOLE NOIR demo ''Valeurs''.Cold, melancholic and unique raw black metal. GATEFOLD MLP + WHITE VINYL, LIMITED TO 500 HANDNUMBERED COPIES

SPQR / FAUSTRECHT - Kameradschaft! 10" Red 18,-

SQUADRON - Fields of Destruction 7"
STAHLFRONT - Wiederkehr der Ahnen  - LP

STAHLGEWITTER - Stählerne Romantik - LP 18,-

STATO ASOCIALE - Grezzo, stupido & cattivo - LP

STILL BURNON’ YOUTH – The Flames of Hatred – 12” LP
Uno dei migliori gruppi della penisola italica. NSHC ABBESTIA! Uno dei gruppi migliori della Black Shirts Records! SfH Rec.

Styggmyr - Sathanas Supreme LP
Only in vinyl. Limited to 500 handnumbered copies.
SUBALPINA SKINHEADS – Official Bootleg Demos and Rarities 1995/96 LP

T.M.F. - It's a thugs life LP

The Shadow Order – Untold LP
Macchine da guerra dell'NSBM greco. Produzione eccellente edita dalla tedesca Obscure Abhorreance Rec a 500 pezzi limitati in gatefold cover con poster. CONSIGLIATISSIMO!!!
THE TEEN IDLES - Minor Disturbance 7"
(Ian MacKaye on bass 1981)
TIMEBOMBS - Politica di Strada 10" 14,88

The Übertones Mad Vendetta MLP

THE 4 ACES / TIMEBOMBS - Orgoglio Infinito 7" 14,88
TORS VREDE - Ave Victoria LP (yellow or blue)
TOTENBURG - Peststurm one side 12" LP 12,-
ULTIMA FRONTIERA - Anime Armate LP + CD deluxe edition 18 e
Su Black Shirts Records ristampa rimasterizzata con nuova grafica e CD glass master in allegato
ULTIMA FRONTIERA - Non ci sono più Eroi  LP regular version 15 e (promo labels 88 LTD 18 e)
Su Black Shirts Records ristampa rimasterizzata con nuova grafica Cover in Kawasaki Electric Green
Inner sheet with lyrics, Wax in 300 LTD ONLY!!! 200 in Sanguineous 100 in Black
88 overstock promo for labels only (different cover)
ULTIMA THULE - Once Opon a Time / A Collection of Raven Tales Picture LP
ULTIMA THULE - Herrlich Hermannsland 7"
UWOCAUST UND RAC CONQUISTA - Uns Leite Einzig Blut und Treue LP 19,-

VAGINAL JESUS / ETHNIC CLEANSIONG - Pissing on Jew Pussies 12" LP 22,00


VIA DOLOROSA / NATION WAR - Key of the Creation split 7" 07,-

VIA DOLOROSA - Immortal Ad Vitam LP
(few Test Pressing available 35 e)

WELTBRAND - Contra 7" 6 e

WERTHAM - XXX streetckeaner 7"
WINTER DELUGE - As the Earth Fades Into Obscurity LP

WOLFTHORN - Towards Ipsissimus LP

YOUNGLAND - We are united again!  LP 23,-

ZURZIR - Guerra Total - 7"