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CD 12 e each except where indicated
I.C.1 – Loud and Proud 13 e
Ian Stuart Memorial Concert – Live in Elsass
Bagadou Stourm / Razors Edge  / Aggressive Force
If We Die Tomorrow – S/t MCD 9 e
Semplicemente DEVASTANTI, NS Hardcore al fulmicotone. eccezionale!!! LTD 666
Imago Mortis - Ars Obscura
IN THE MIST - Quand les Couleurs S'Estompent Cd-r 5 e
Infernal Kingdom - The Black ...
Satanism, Depression, Darkness Black Metal
Infidel – Ejaculating Chaos
Chaos, Blood, Blasphemy from Poland
Infinite Missiles/TSE – Split
Thrash SPACCACULO alla Municipal Waste. Acquisto straconsigliato
Insedia – Conosci Te Stesso
Insedia - Un Posto al Sole
INTIMIDATION ONE - 10 Years on the Frontline
Intolleranza - Tutti all'Inferno 13 e
Un Classico di tutti i tempi
IRON FIST OF THE SUN ‎– I Will Never Have The Right – CD
8 tracks of minimal power electronics working around tortured oscillators
Iron Youth - Faith is Stronger than Fire
NS Metal Core potentissimo dalla Grecia
Iron Youth - Respect / Defend / Create
Jew Sla**hter – Nazification of America Out of stock
Glass master cd but photocopied cover, graphic work does not exist, print amateur...why?
JOCKE KARLSSON - Here Were Go Again! 13 e
Joe Frustation - No Way Out
Hardcore Classico fatto BENISSIMO altamente consigliato!!!
Jungsturm – Bis Der Schatten Ist Verbannt
One of the more popular German bands in recent years
Jungsturm – Lieder Unserer jugend
German NS classic covers from Störkraft, Sturmwehr, Freikorps, Wehrwolf, Kahlkopf, Volksgemurmel, Volkszorn, Saccara and Oithanasie: Zerschlag Deine Ketten (Sturmwehr) - Vereint (Wehrwolf) - Der Metzger (Kahlkopf) - Mann für Mann (Störkraft) - Legion Condor (Nahkampf) - Tara al Sol (J. Antonio Primo de Rivera) - 1. Mai (Volksgemurmel) - Stiefel auf Asphalt (Volkszorn) - Der Letze Mann (Saccara) - Egal (Oithanasie) - Immer und Ewig (Freikorps) - Drogen (Jungsturm) and L3 (Jungsturm)
Jungsturm – Wir Bleiben Deutsch
German RAC

Justicia – Judgement day
RAC/OI! pesante
Kampfbund – Mythes et Combats
NS Metal molto potente
Kampfbund – Saga Guerriere
Kampfzone – Kriegsgebiet MCD 10 e
Nuovo mini album per i tedeschi Kampfzone. Questo Kriegsgebiet contiene 7 tracce nel loro inconfondibile stile.
Kansas City Way – Me ne strafotto!
La band del Blocco Studentesco!!!
KATASTROF - Guerrieri del Nord Est MCD 8 e
Kategorie C - Wir Sind in Form 13 e
KC - Die Band - Hungrige Wolfe
Ken Mc Kellan & Stigger – Stand 13 e
Ken McLellan (vocalist of Brutal Attack) and Stigger (ex-Skrewdriver guitarist) are arguably the most talented musicians in the Nationalist movement and when they team up you can expect some quality song writing and an always strong performance! This even includes a 24 page booklet with pictures and all lyrics
Ken McKellan & Barny - Carved in Stone
Ken McLellan backed up by Germany's Barny. Strong personal lyrics, excellent musicianship, a collection of really catchy rock and rock ballads. Together with some other recent good releases, this proves that Ken has found a second breath, once again pumping out solid classic rock, the kind he built his fame on. There's not 1 bad song on this album!!
Ken McLellan / Invasion Broterhood – A Life on Trial
10 Tracks of ken and invasion!it´s like his last cd with arrow cross!! Rocking Sound
Ken McLellan - Acoustic Reflections
Kilgore - A Swinging Time
Project band from Jesse of Deaths Head Kick ass southern rock with a little psychobilly and punk thrown in for good measure
Kilgore - 44 Magnum Opus
Hatecore / Rock from USA
Kill Baby Kill – A Prophet Returns 13 e
2nd full-length of the Belgian band, continuing in the style that made them so popular in less than no time: hard and aggressive skinhead rock / Oi! with politically incorrect lyrics
Kill Baby Kill – Law & Order 13 e
Belgian Band OI! with politically incorrect lyrics
Kill Baby Kill / Bandiera de Combat – Split 13 e
Progetto musicale di Dieter (RIP) dei Kill Baby, Kill! con i Brasiliani Bandeira de Combate. 11 brani di cui tre cantati in Portoghese. Boooklet con testi e foto
Kill Baby Kill / The Gits – From the East to the West 13 e
Split album con i polacchi The Gits poche copie available
(THE) KLANSMEN - Fetch The Rope 13
(THE) KLANSMEN - Rock & Roll Patriots  13 e

KOLOVRAT - Imperial flag (Ballad album) DigiCD NEW 2015 15 e

KOMMANDO F. Das Beste der 30er und 40er und...
KONKWISTA 88 - Krew Naszej Rasy
KONKWISTA 88 - White Honour White Pride 1990/93
KONKWISTA 88 - European Song of Glory
KONKWISTA 88 - Freedom or Death
Kontingent 88 – Un Jour Viendrà 13 e
Raccolta del primo vecchio demo più live in Francia e Italia. BECERUME spettacolare!!!
Kraftschlag – Reinheit Verpflichtet 13 e
KRAFTSCHLAG - Die Wilden Jahre Hits Vom Index 89/95
Kraftschlag & Storm – Northman Vor Rike / Unser Reich 13 e
Krashing - Disinterment 1987/1993
“E' notte, delle ombre si aggirano tra le lapidi di un cimitero... portano a spalla delle vanghe, si fermano davanti ad una tomba abbandonata contrassegnata da una croce arrugginita, le pale iniziano a sprofondare nella terra umida ed iniziano a scavare.... Natura Morta Edizioni ha dissotterrato i demo tapes dei KRASHING una vecchia Death Metal band di Bergamo, sicuramente una tra le prime a celebrarne il funereo messale in Italia. Viene riproposta per intero la loro opera macabra in un'eccellente CD antologico con libretto ad 8 pagine, testi e foto dell'epoca. Ossa, ragnatele, demoni, morte, oscurità e terrore, questi gli ingredienti che il vostro stereo vomiterà in queste serate autunnali”
Krazumpath / Imposture - The Lothringian Conspiracy Digi CD
Limited edition, cdr disc with pro-printed face, pro-printed digipack case.
We also have an official badge for each band and will be including these free with each order.
" On the one hand, you have KRAZUMPATH performing badass Thrash fucking Metal ! You will headbang like a beast on their previously unreleased demo 2006 ! On the other hand, your ears will be raped by IMPOSTURE blackened Death Metal ! Their 2010 demo will appeal to BEHERIT fans for sure ! Get this limited digipack or go fuck yourself ! "
KrawallBrüder – Blut, Schweiss und keine Tränen
Kristallnacht - Blooddrenched Memorial 1994/2002 14 e
L.S.H.P. - Poczatek

LANDSER - Live in Berlin 1992 CD 14,88 (Horrible sound)

Landser - Ran An Den Feind 15 e
Regarded by many to be Landser's best album, Landser - Ran an den Feind is a must own cd!!!
01. Freiheit (2:41) 02. Zigeunerpack (2:25) 03. Sturmführer (1:35) 04. Vergeltung (3:06) 05. Polacken Tango (4:21) 06. In den Arsch (2:39) 07. Verkauft und Verraten (3:13) 08. Rudolf Heß (2:03) 09. Kreuzberg (1:51) 10. In den Bergen von Ruanda (2:43) 11. Döner Skins (1:44) 12. Deutsche Wut (3:24) 13. Rebell (3:56)
Landser – Tanzorchester Immervoll
Landser greatest hits CD! 14 songs scanning the world's greatest NS band's history: Das neue Lied
Klansong, Ian Stuart, Allein machen sie Dich ein, Rudolf Hess, Rebell, Fredericus Rex, Müller Meyer Icke
Mitten in Europa, Lenker der Schlachten, Tanzorchester immervoll, Nordland, Ostpreussen, Wenns zum Regenbogen geht.
LANDSTORM - Horst Wessel Lied 15 e
Lascowiec – Asgard Mysteries
Raw Black Metal Rare
LAST PAGE - Sobriety X Hate DigiCD 13 e
Lathspell – Versus Ecclesia
Second album of Lathspell shows utter grimness soundwise, but on the other hand huge progress in the songwriting abilities. Skillful Cold Northern Black Metal with freezing melodies, harsh outbursts of speed and a summoning voice. www.myspace.com/lathspell666
LEGION - My Nowe Pokolenie
Legion of St. George – Last Talons of the Flag
Legion N-Rap – Ein.Stand
LEGION OF DOOM - For The Those of the Blood
LEGION OF DOOM - Kingdom of Endless Darkness
Legion of Thor – Amen
Legion of Thor - Feuer e Flamme
Legittima Offesa – White Kriminals
Forse il miglior CD del gruppo
Legittima Offesa - Live in Hungary
Uscito "Live in Hungary", il nuovo live-Cd dei Legittima Offesa. 14 canzoni per una durata di 51:30 accompagnato da un booklet semplice di 4 pagine. Live ben registrato in Ungheria nel 2008, prodotto dalla tedesca Moloko Plus Versand e limitato a sole 1000 copie. Le tracce inserite sono: "White Kriminals", "Nel Vicolo", "Onore e Gloria", "Professore", "Teddy Girl", "Droga", "Birra a fiumi", "Rivolta", "Orgoglio Skinhead", "Diritto di marciare", "Stile Oi!", "You ll never walk alone" e "Werwolf"
Leichngott / Legacy of Blood – Split
Released by Flagellum Heareticorum Rex and Garazel Prod. BM from Poland
Dedicated to Arch Devil of L.O.B.
Limited to 666 hand-numbered copies
Leon Degrelle – Mon combat social
Version sur CD professionnel de l'enregistrement audio de Léon Degrelle "Mon Combat Social"
Lemovice – S/t
Old-style French RAC, sounds a lot like Bunker 84, musically and lyrically
Lemovice - Oi! Le Tribute
Tribute CD to the bands of 80's and 90's.
Tracklist: 1. France (Komintern Sect), 2. Oi! Bombage (Lanterne Rouge), 3. Skinhead (Brutal Combat), 4. Le Paria (Bunker 84), 5. Les Forces De L'Ordre (Warrior Kids), 6. Un Jour Viendra (Swingo Porkies), 7. Pas Concernés (Tolbiac's Toads), 8. Je Pense À La Russie (L'Infanterie Sauvage), 9. Classe Criminelle (Camera Silens), 10. 3eme Guerre Mondial (Skinkorps), 11. Pas Le Droit A L'Erreur (Snix), 12. Un Matin La Révolution (Kontingent)
LEMOVICE - Le Front des Patriotes DIGI CD
Leitwolf - Es ist Krieg 
Les Vilains – Skinhead Family
Libertin – Vom Gedanken Zur Tat
Liberty 37 – War Relics
A kind of "Best of" of the old Detroit band which later was to become Rebel Hell. The CD features 17 tracks, 15 taken off their 2 albums "Under siege" and "The killing blow" from the mid-90's, with 2 previously unreleased bonus tracks: "The power you claim" and "Media propaganda". For those that never heard Liberty 37 before, their sound is somewhat of a punked up version of Motorhead, mixed with "Beat the bastards" era Exploited and some US rock, all blended into a powerful and aggressive mix of songs with non-PC lyrics. Good production, catchy songs and a sound that still stands! This release comes with a booklet with lyrics, some photos and a band history.  
Lintver – Madrigali del Crepuscolo 10 e
Londinium SPQR – Fare Quadrato
Un classico di tutti i tempi!!!
Lord Wind – Atlantean Monument 13 e
Folk/Dark Ambient di prima classe
LOS CONFEDERADOS - Sout's Gonna rise Again
LUCIFERUM PENIS - Kum Kommando Cd-r 5
LUCIFERUM PENIS - Penis Worship Cd-r 5
Lugificum - Stigma Egoism
Black Metal from Ukraina!!!
Lunafer - Em Busca do Desconhecidio
São Paulo Black Metal ww.myspace.com/lunaferofficial
Lunikoff - Rock gegen ZOG 14 e
01.Ostpreussen (3:02) 02. Wenns zum Regenbogen geht (2:40) 03. Horst (2:08) 04. Popperschwein (1:27) 05. Das schwarze Schaf (1:06) 06. Durst (1:10) 07. Entweder oder Keine (1:09) 08. Gerettet (1:52) 09. Das hohe Tier (1:32) 10. Wenn ich durch die Strassen geh (1:35) 11. Nordland (2:59) 12. Anne (0:35) 13. Lollypop (0:50) 14. Prollpower (3:31) 15. Nordland II (1:28) 16. Vergeltung (2:57)
Lunikoff - Heil Frosh 14 e
Luftwaffe Raid – Empire
Concept” album by this mysterious American band, this is a “musical journey” of Nazi Germany through WW2; Excellent release full of great songs, the production is great and everything has a really nice crisp sound; The music is mostly raw dark black metal with some really great experimental touches that make it truly unique, also throughout the album are various samples of WW2 that create a nice mood. A great, under looked, release that I highly recommend!
Macchina Targata Paura – Tutto Peggio di... MCD 10 E
Major Disapprovement – S/t
Punk Rock fatto benissimo Ex Total War
Malabestia - Cent'anni da Leone
Maledicere – Leave Only What Is Fit to Burn
MALEFIC MIST - Sepolcro di Neve - CD-r 5 e
Malnatt – I Miei Pugni 13 e
Cd accompagnato da booklet di 8 pagine con tutti i testi. 100% Hammer
Malnatt - La parola suona l'esempio tuona! CD/DVD 18 e
Ultimo lavoro firmato da questa ormai storica band milanese, CD + DVD molto bene fatto!!
Malnatt - In Faccia al Mondo Ostile 14,88 e
MALNATT - Freschi Pensieri che l'Anima Schiude 15 e
Malvento - Oscuro Esperimento Contro Natura
Black esoteric Metal from Italy LTD 500
Marblebog / Draugurz - Split
A killer pairing up here! Marblebog from Hungary and Draugurz from Brazil. Black Metal knows no borders anymore.
March Or Die – Raise the Flag 13 e
MARTIAL / I.N.F.R.A.N.T.R.Y. - Back to the Future 22 e
Massimo Morsello – Intolleranza 15 e
Massimo Morsello – Per me e la Mia Gente 15 e
Massimo Morsello – I Nostri Canti Assassini 15 e
Mas Que Palabras – New Era
Fast-paced and hardcore-influenced skinhead rock / RAC from Madrid, including a couple of slower songs.
Masochist – History 2xCD 18 e
MAX RESIST - Live in Deutschland
Menegroth – Gazourmah
Occultism, Fascism, Militarism, Paganism, Futurism
Message in Blood – Next of Kin
Midgards Stimme - Krieg Bis Zum Sieg
Midtown Bootboys – Unfinished Business 13 e
Mind Terrorist – Once upon a heartbeat
Mind Terrorist – Fragments of Human Deacay
MOLOCH - Verwüstung
MOLOCH - Abstrakter Wald
MOLOTH - The Black March Saga - 14,88
Moontower – To The Dark Aeon MCD 10 e
Antichristian, hateful black metal
Mors Aeterna – Sanctification Digi CD 15 e
The full length album of this Satanic Black Metal cult from France. This release is inspired by Pure & Radical Satanism, Occultism and Esoterism. Luxurious 6 panel Digifile CD with a extra 8 sided booklet
Morte Incandescente - ...Your Funeral
MORTIFIER - Darkness My Eternal Bride
Moshpit – Mirror of a Unbroken Faith
Hatecore dalla Germania da far tremare i polsi
Moshpit – We Carry the Heart 13 e
Italian RAC Metal, featuring Junior and Alessio from Porco 69 on vocals and guitar
Motstand – We Will Prevail
National Socialist from Sweden con cover dei Weisse Wolfe Hail C 18!!
Movimento d'Avanguardia Ermetico / Corvus Invictus – I Sentieri della Tradizione CD-R 5 e
Muerte y Calaveras - Noches de Furia CD-R 9 e
MULTICYSTIC RETROPERITONEAL ... - 160 song 2 demo Cd-r
Murder's Row - Menace to Sobriety

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