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CD 12 e each except where indicated
96 Brigade – Revolution for Dummies 10 e
The debut cd from politically charged punk rock/ RAC!
96 Brigade – Can You Hear Us Now?
8° Divisione – Disprezzo e Odio
10 Tracks, 42 total minutes - 12 pages booklet
88 - Ultimate Aryan Warfront
1a Vanguardia – Skinheads
First full-length of the Madrilenan band. The MCD was already promising, but their sound has now become a lot more mature and tight. The band draws influences from Oi, RAC, some hardcore and viking rock. Not as metal as most Spanish RAC bands. Most songs are in English, except for the 2 covers, "Wolves" (Hel) and "Sea wolves" (Ultima Thule). The Hel cover is with female vocals as well, a great rendition of the original. A very good release altogether. Nice big booklet too.
AA.VV. - A Tribute to Kreuzfeuer
AA.VV. - A Tribute to Hammer Joe Rowan
AA.VV. - The Weapon, the Corpse, the Reason
(Compilation out for Black Shirts Records with Still Burnin' Youth / Boris Britva / Beyond Hate ... MASSACRE!!!)

AA.VV. - Orve / AMBS / Exaltatio Diaboli
AA.VV. - Hammer of Hate
(Born of Hate, Odwet 88)
AA.VV. – Tribute Triebtater – United Force
AA.VV. - Best of Tuono Records 14 e
comp. with Gesta Bellica, ADL 122, Armco and more...
AA.VV. - Aemathien Onori Funebri Cd-r 5 e
AA.VV. - White Pride World Wide Vol 4 15 e
Compilations with: Pluton Svea, Blue Eyed Devils and many more.
AA.VV. - Unbroken Brotherhood
AA.VV. Ordnung / Aryan Wood / Via Dolorosa / Schutzstaffel - Purification by Hellium Phenomenon Cd-r 5
AA.VV. Skins4Skins
AA.VV. - Sample Black Metal MCD 4 e
Sample of Asgard Musik - Pure Black Metal

AA.VV. Blod & Ära En Svensk Salut Till Skrewdriver

AA.VV. European Revolution MCD 5 e
Compilation dedicata al tuor europeo degli Zetazeroalfa, con Brigade M and more
AA.VV. Voice of Britain Vol II
Eyed of Odin, English Rose, Crusade, Battle Scarred and more
AA.VV. - A Built for War
AA.VV. – The Support the Cause
Definate Hate, Jungsturm, Hammerhead, Section XX and many more 
AA.VV. Stronger Than Hate
Compilation with: Rusty Nailbomb / Murderin Society / You  must murder / Anticipate and many more...
AA.VV. - La Voz del Imperio Digi-CD
Strong international Spanish RAC compilation with Arma Blanca, Impertinencia, Mas Que Palabras,
Resistencia and Tercios from Spain and Barbarians and Nuremberg from Argentina. (11 tracks)
AA.VV. One Family Part 2
Compilation con gruppazzi teutonici lenti e violenti usciti per la collaudatissima OPOS Rec
AA.VV. Oriental Abyss
5 way split  Direttamente dalla terra del Sol Levante, occhi a mandorla Black Metal  contro
Sud Corea blasfemia, suoni devastanti per tutti e 5 i gruppi: Aek Gwi (KOR) Appariotion
(KOR) Fenrisulf (JPN) Juno Bloodlust (JPN) Svar fra Hedensk (JPN)
AA.VV. - Day of the Rope Vol. III
Con FrontH8, Adler, Hatred, Vinland Warriors, White Devils e altri
AA.VV. Soundtrack for a White Revolution
Strong compilation with: Total War, Pluton Svea, Odal and many more...
AA.VV. Tribute to Lunikoff Vol. 3
Sampler u.a. mit:Oidoxie, Annett, Michael, Kraftschlag, Agitator, Gegenschlag,...
AA.VV. - Die Söhne Potsdams IV
AA.VV. Sons of Europe
Uscita per la Molok compilation "Sons of Europe - Side by Side", Cd-live con bands dal calibro di
Brutal Attack ("Tales of Glory" e "Under the Hammer"), Legittima Offesa ("White Kriminals" e "Rivolta"),
Archivum ("Magyarorszag Mindenek Felett!" e "Skinhead 88"), Valhalla ("Halalfejes brigad" e "Nem mind arany"),
Kriminals ("Anni 80" e "Basta lavorare"), Feher Törveny ("B.H.S. Crew" e "Csak Szemek"),
Guarda de Honra ("Black Sun" e "Revuelta"), Kodex 10 ("Troska" e "Znicme Shalom"),
Sergio ("Rebel" e "Tomorrow belongs to me") e Stevie ("Home of the Brave" e "Ode to a dying people")
AA.VV. Vinlandic War Hymns
3 - way split between Tyranath, Kvaathan and Eingar Pagan and Nationalist Resistance!!!
AA.VV. Tribute to Strikeforce 13 e
Compilation promossa dalla Triade B&H Pagan Front e HS una marea di gruppi RAC/Oi!/NSBM
AA.VV. Call of Nations
3 split way with Project Vandal, Agressiva e Adler
AA.VV. - Hardcore Hoax United
3 split way from Germany featuring the latest and greatest Hardcore covers.
Featuring Path of Resistance and other bands
AA.VV. Jamel scheißt auf den Förster
Compilation Die Lunikoff Verschwörung, Hetzjagd, Eskalation ecc
AA.VV. Vox Europa II
just like vol.1 showcasing some of the better nationalist bands around in Europe at the moment, with Sleipnir,
Gesta Bellica, Ellendil, Zetazeroalfa, Estirpe Imperial, Hobbit, Endovelico, Eye Of Odin, Troublemakers,
Carpe Diem, Aurora, Squadron and Fraction. whilst vol.1 focused on folk, this one focuses on guitar/rock bands,
really nice booklet with all lyrics and band photos.
AA.VV. - Mit Streitaxt und Gewehr
Black Metal & Pagan Metal Compilation
1. Bloodgrimm - Stilzchenrumpel 2011
2. Death and Glory - D & G
3. Helvegr - In die Schlacht
4. Kirchenbrand - Endzeit
5. Rabenholz - Schatten der Sehnsucht
6. Rune:Skogen - Wenn du alleine warst...
7. Skady - Arrival of endless Solitude
8. Skady - Furor Teutonicus
9. Urschrei - Heidenzorn
10. Urt - Uinuva Kaevu Saladus
11. Vargrimm - Herrscher des Feuers
12. Waldschein - Die ewige Eiche
13. Waldtraene - Wotans Boten
14. Wulfgar - Feind
Time: 80 Minutes
AA.VV. I Ragazzi sono Colpevoli 2 13 e
Italian Skinhead Compilation. 19 Tracks by: A.D.L. 122, Legittima Offesa, Injustice Side, Malnatt, Bullets,
Civico 88, Porco 69, Ultima Frontiera, Only One Force, Gesta Bellica, X° Girone.
AA.VV. – Extrahepatic Bile Duct, Ingrown – Dissecting A Fetid Infected Cadaver
AA.VV. 7th April 2007
Registrazione live del concerto organizzato dal VFS e USGI
A.M.B.S. – A MONUMENTAL BLACK STATUE Alcoholic Tyrants – MCD 10 e
Hortodox NSBM in swedish Style su Black Shirts Records
A.M.B.S. A Monumental Black Statue – L'Ultimo Sogno 12 e
NS Black Metal tirato all'inverosimile
A.M.B.S. - Excelsior
A Rebel Salute to the Old School of Hate 11 e
Absentia Lunae - Historia Nobis Assentietvr 13 e
Italian BM tritaossa!!!
Acheron – Anti-God, Anti-Christ 13 e
Acrosome - Dementia Praecox 13 e
ACTION GROUP 88 - The Loyal Germans A5 CD - 13 e
Rac // USA // 2010// Track List // 01. Action Group 88 - Domestic terrorist/ 02. Action Group 88 - Vaincre (Legion 88 cover)/ 03. Action Group 88 - Nordland (Landser cover)/ 04. Action Group 88 - Stalingrad/ 05. Action Group 88 - Martyrs to our cause/ 06. The Loyal Germans - The Loyal Germans/ 07. The Loyal Germans - Antifa/ 08. The Loyal Germans - Psycho skin/ 09. The Loyal Germans - Benito/ 10. The Loyal Germans - Barbecue in Rostock (No Remorse cover)
ACTHUNG J. - White Power
Ad Hominem - Climax of Hatred
Ad Hominem - Planet ZOG 13 e
ADE - Prooemivm Sangvine
Adler – Na Konci Stoj Smrt
Fully-fledged metal RAC from the Czech Republic, heavy and well-played,
not a bad release for a new band. includes a video track in Czech on the album's recordings.
AGGRAVATED ASSAULT - It Could Happen To You 14 e
Akitsa – La Grande Infamie
NSBM dal Québec Canada
Aldaaron – Nous Reviendrons Immortels
Uscito per l'americana Paragon Records questo CD segna l'esordio sulla lunga distanza per questo gruppo Black Metal proveniente dalla Francia.
Ancestor - In Absence Of Light
Fast & raw black metal in the old way! They come from Cuba!!
Ancestor – The Time Has Come!
Anfall - Dodens Glimt
ANCIENT - Eerily Howling Winds
Andi uns Schnack Sind die Jungs fürs Grobe – S/t
Germany RAC
Angitia – Bellvm Marsicvm CD-R 4 e
Pro CDR 2008 Limited to 500 handnumbered copies prodotto dall'eccellente Algiz Art.
Angriff - For Frihet
Very catchy WP hardrock from Scandinavia
Angry Aryans - Too White For You 15 e
Impossibile da trovare in Europa
Angry Aryans - RMV 15 e
not need comments
AnGRY ARYANS – Old School Hate 14,88

ANTAGONISM - Digging Past Sounds
Aorlhac - Opus I
Black Metal dalla Francia sempre su Thor's Hammer prod.
APOLOKIA - Kathaarian Vortex
Archivum - Szabadsàgharc
Archivum - 20 Ev Archivum
Archivum – A Tribute A5 - DVD case
Out for BH Service compilation with: Jogos Önvédelem, Hunor, Fehér Törvény and many more
Arghoslent / Martial Barriage – Send Forth The Best Ye Breed
Death Metal Genocide split
Arghoslent – 1990/1994 The First Three Demos
Contiene i primi 3 demo per un totale di 16 tracks
Arianrhod - Notre Camp
Arphaxat – Loudun la Maudite
Aryan Art - И Берем Плодовете На Нашето Нехайс
Nuovo arrivo dalla Thor's Hammer Prod. NSBM dalla Bulgaria
Aryan Blood / Eisenwinter A5 DigiCD 25 e
Very rare su Der Sieg Rec, confezione gustosissima!
ARYAN REBELS - Der Sieg Des Gewissens

ASTARIUM - Wyrm of Melancholy
Attack – Fade Away
NEW STUFF on Rebel Records
Attack – No Remorse
Aufbruch - Same
Aufbruch - Verlorene Welt
The German band recorded an outstanding album in 2010, heavy riffs, powerful vocals, backing vocals, like W.A.R., devastating sound, the intensity of the songs almost blows the speakers up! It'S already one of the most powerful German album of the year!
Aurora – Sulle Scogliere Remote
AURORA - Dal Vivo
Aurora - Dritto al Cuore di chi Crede
AUS DEM NORDEN - 7 track ep CD-r 5 e

Autonom - Die Ewigen
Autonom, German for Aryan Voice, debut NS ballads album featuring 11 songs in German and one in English: Großvater - Die Ewigen - Mein Sohn - Sternburg - Kein Vergessen - Der Schöne Traum - Hail B&H - C18 - Meine Gedanken - Niedersachsen - WAW (Live) - Der schöne Traum (Demo)
Avalon - A Journey Through Avalon
14-track album, a sort of 'greatest hits' of re-recorded, re-mixed and new Avalon tracks
Avalon - Hear The Voice
Avalon - Our Honour is True
Avalon's debut album, strong RAC rock with a typically English feel to it
B.D.T.R. – Marx Was Wrong
Their last and best album so far. Skinhead rock 'n' roll with a slight southern rock influence
Backstreet Firm – S/t MCD 8 e
A 9-song CD with studio (3) and demo (6) tracks at a nice price. The band was around from 2001 till 2004, so these aren't exactly new recordings but they are rare and only some of them have previously released on CDR or cassette. The band plays unpolitical German Oi! of the faster kind, raw and unrefined. Limited edition of 500 numbered copies
Bad Fate – Bite Back MCD 8 e
Trash Tornado from Hell with HFB members
Imperdibile su EDA Propaganda
Bad To The Bonehead - We Have a Change
Bagadou Stourm – Bezenn Perrot
RAC/Oi! Francese
Bagatur – Skazanie Za Drevnobulgarskoto Velichie MCD 10 e
Aryan Art side project
BANDEIRA DE COMBATE - Skinhead Rock n'Roll
Barbatos - Live in Alcoholic Downtown 13 e
Gods of Black/Punk Metal! Recorded live in Tokyo, 2007. With members of ABIGAIL and GALLHAMMER
1000 handnumbered copies
BATAILLON 500 - Sie Leben
BATTLE DOGS - White & Loud
Battle Scarred - Thunder & Lighting
Gruppo Streetpunk Oi! Svedese. Terzo album su CD. 12 nuovi pezzi inediti registrati nell'Aprile 2006 piu´ 2 bonus tracks tratte da compilations. Oi! Svedese veloce e melodico cantato in inglese. Booklet a colori con testi e foto.Swedish Streetpunk Oi!. Third full lenght CD. 12 new unreleased tracks recorded in April 2006 plus 2 bonus tracks taken from compilations. Fast and catchy Swedish Oi! with english vocals. Booklet with lyrics and pictures
Battle Scarred Skinheads - The Best of Antisocial
Oi! street Punk
Battle Scarred – Gevalia
Nuovo album su CD per i re dello Street Punk Svedese. 12 nuovi brani cantati in Inglese ricchi di cori e melodie.
Before God - Wolves Amongst the Sheep
Before the War - Flame of Wrath
BEHERIT / ARCHGOAT - Messe des Morts / Angelcunt (Tales of Desacration)
Beleth / Moontower / Wings of War - Bestial Holocaust
3 Split way CD split album of leading Polish underground black metal hordes 
Beowulf – Hranice Slavy
NS rock from the Czech Republic, includes all lyrics: When Freedom Calls, The Time Of Iron Dreams, On The Pile Of Victory, Wake Up And Fight, The Last Kiss, The Dream, R.I.P., Beowulf and Naglfar
Zweites Studioalbum der Ostwestfalen von Anfang der 1990er Jahre. 7 Lieder. Original
Better Dead Than Red – the Best of...
Best Compilation and new tracks...
Bestial Mockery – Sepulchral Wrath
Witchhammer Productions 2009
2006 demo now made available on CD. Limited 111 hand numbered copies
Bilskirnir / Evil – German Southern Brotherhood
Kult split CD!
Biobetabunker – Catenaccio
BISSON And THE VIKINGS / FILOPATRIA - Vikings Meet The Spartans
Black Angel / Waffenträger Luzifers – Satan Is Power
Two Satanic Avenger commandos combine their forces to raise hell on earth and to cast out their spell of blasphemy ! Two unholy Underground Black Metal on one CD
BLACK AUTUMN - Cult of Nihil
Blasphemous Noise Torment - Blood Purge CD-R 4 e
CD-R demo, pro cover b/w
2 songs from 2003 recordings, 4 recorded between 2008 and 2009
Blasphemous Noise Torment – Ancient Insignias
Blasphemous Noise Torment ‎– Reversed Cosmos
Blasphemous Noise Torment / Heathen/Lifecode - Live Purge 2010 CD-R 4 e
Ottima uscita per l'italianissima War Command Rec
Blessmon - Under The Storm Of Hate
Laut Gedacht ... is the third full-length album from Germany's White Voice and contains well thought out lyrics and R.A.C. musicianship
Blind Justice - Sogni di Rivoluzione MCD 10 e
BLIND JUSTICE - Terra e Sangue
BLIND JUSTICE - That's not for you
Blitz – Warriors
Classic UK Oi!/street punk band
Blitz – Never Surrender
One of the best Oi/punk bands ever, a. best of" with lots of tracks taken off the bands various releases: 7"s, compilations and albums as well as 6 tracks re-recorded with the bands new singer
Blitzkrieg – Das Letze Vollwerk 14 e
Block 11 – Last Act of War 13 e
As on their last album a mix of Oi-based tracks and some more metal sounding songs. reminds of bands like Peggior Amico. Titles: Last act of war – A modo nostro – U.S.A. e getta – Taglio corto – La legge e uguale per tutti – Red lanterns – Settembre nero – Testa bassa – Patriot – Con noi o… - Linea nera
Blockhaus - Rock'n'Terrorism
Francia Skinhead RAC!!!
Bloodred Hatred – Demo MCD 8 e
Blood Order Company - S/t
Blood Red Eagle – Return to Asgard
Australian Viking Rock
Blood Red Eagle - Divine Providence
Australian Viking Rock
Blodsband / Edsvuren / Angriff - Lag
3 split way CD
Bloodshed – Zorn
Edito dalla PC Records - ottimo Hatecore dalla Germania
Blue Eyed Devils - ...It ends MCD 10 e
Ottimo e storico gruppo hatecore americano
Blue Max – Back to the Boots
Blutbanner – Lasst die Banner Fliegen
BLUTKULT - Worldwide Offensive

BöHSE ONKELS - Böse Menschen Böse Lieder 15 e
Boisterous - Skip Raiders
Bombardiers – Bordeaux 83
Bomber – Satan's Shitfuckers
Bombs Away – Sowing The Seeds of Discontent
Boots Brothers – Die brüder sind zurück 13 e
BOSLIDE - Satansbraten

Bound For Glory - Feed The Machine 13 e
Bound For Glory – Rolling Through Europe 13 e
Bound For Glory – The Final Battle 13 e
BOUND FOR GLORY - Death and Defiance
BRAINWASH - Time to Act
Brannik - Become one uf use
First album of the Bulgarian RAC band, traditional RAC-rock, all songs in Bulgarian, roba forte!!!
BRASSIC - Voice of Freedom
Braune Brüder – Land ohne Freiheit
Patriotic OI!
Bretonische Waffenverband – 20 Ans Deja
Brigad Wotan – Nationellt Självförsvar
Brigad Wotan Sverige I Brand

Brigada Totenkopf - Ajuste de Cuentas
Third album of the Spanish band. Sees them steer away from their Oi! sound to a somewhat harder more rocking sound, with aggressive gruff vocals. One of the best Spanish RAC bands of the moment
Brigade M – Trouw aan Rood, Wit, Blauw
Album classico per questa storica band proveniente dalla terra della donnine in vetrina e delle canne libere!
Brigade M – Nationalrevolutionär
Altro classico per questa band olandese
Broadsword – God of Thunder
Progetto musicale tra membri dei Celtic Warrior e Fortress
Brokk / Enharjarna - I Frostdimmans Hemvist
BRONSON - S/t 15 e
With memebers of The 4 Aces and Timebombs.
Bronson brings an excellent mix of punk and hardcore with a lot of melody and singalong choruses.
BRONSON - Roma Tiger Punk 15,-
BRONSON - Brucia DigiCD 15,- NEW!

Brutal Attack - Straight Eights 13 e
Brutal Attack - Thunder and Lightning 13 e
Standard Brutal Attack, rock / blues-rock and a couple of faster songs and a ballad, very strong lyrics. 12-page booklet with band history and photos
Brutal Attack – The Real Deal 13 e
Brutal Attack – 20 Years 13 e
Bullets – Bullets MCD 10 e
Milano Hardcore
BULLETS - La Mia Vita
Bully Boys (the) – White Kids Gonna Fight
Bully Boys (the) – Hard Times Hard Measures
Bunker 16 – Alles Oder Nichts
Burning Hate – Your Time Is Running Out
BURZUM – Anthology
BURZUM - Den Store Samlingen
BURZUM - Svarte Dauen A5 format 14 e

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